Did You Say OLIGHT?

Being a company that was founded to provide concealed carry holsters for every day carry, we think flashlights are a critical part of the complete self-defense package. A lot of our customers carry lights and lasers so we make a lot of holsters for weapons equipped with lights and lasers. The trend over the last 8-12 months has definitely shifted towards lights or laser/light combos. We've written about lights and lasers before, but in case you missed it, we think lights play a much more critical role in a self-defense scenario by lighting up, or disorienting your target. We work with most of the big light and laser companies on the market, like Viridian, Streamlight, Crimson Trace, Inforce, and the list goes on. A new name kept coming up in Internet searches, YouTube reviews, and we started seeing a few holster makers offering some selections that worked with this "new" company. We started paying a little more attention to them, reading product reviews, looking at flashlight specs, etc. The more we looked into them, the more we wanted to get on the bandwagon and at least try out a few of their pistol mounted lights. We reached out via social media and got a response that they would gladly send us some weapon mounted lights for holster forming. We happily took them up on their offer.

After getting our hands on the lights, I decided I wanted to mount one on my new personal carry gun, the Springfield XDS Mod 2 .45 ACP. I love the QD mount system on their lights, the lumen level, rechargeable batteries, and the overall fit and finish of the lights. I'm running the PL-Mini II on my XDS and love it.

We started designing some holsters around the new lights and figured we might as well offer some options for a plus one flashlight in lieu of a spare magazine. We integrated several of the new Olight handheld EDC lights into our GUN+ONE™ and Omega™ series holsters. We did this, not because we think carrying a spare mag isn't important, but instead, to give you options. Maybe you like carrying your spare mag in your pocket using a Neo Mag or one of our IWB/OWB individual mag carriers and it makes more sense to carry your light next to your weapon. You'll need to decide that for yourself. Of course, using a pistol mounted light, like the PL-Mini, PL-Mini II, or PL-Pro, means you can still use the "plus one" space on your holster to carry that much needed spare mag.

Next time you're looking at weapon mounted lights or handheld lights, give Olight a look. We didn't mention their price point, but they are an exceptional value and often run pretty big discounts in the range of 30-40% off around holidays and new product releases. Their customer service has been pretty top notch as well when we've called, although we have yet to experience a problem with one of our lights.

When you're ready for that new holster for your light equipped self-defense handgun, give us a call. We are happy to help find the right solution for you and your everyday carry needs.


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