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Custom Work-OLD

Custom Work-OLD

We make many holster models, but if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, this may be the answer. We will work with you to design or customize products that meet your needs. From all leather, all Kydex®, to hybrid holsters, we have your pistol covered.


Examples: 100% Custom Designed Holster, Custom Cut Leather Backers, Custom Leather/Kydex® Colors, Custom work needed to fit your weapon or light/laser combination. This may include additional parts, labor, or design services.


Please contact us before adding this item to your cart. We will let you know a price for your custom work and you will need to add the quantity to match the price provided.


If this is for a holster you have already ordered, please add the order number to the notes of this order.


The photos shown here are examples of custom holsters we have done for customers. Let us know what you want for your new holster.


Items you can add to your cart without contacting us first, below. These items can be added to your cart for a holster you are ordering that you want customized.

  • Adjustable Retention (Kydex formed to accomodate rubber spacers for retention adjustment)- QTY. 2= $10.00
  • Full Kydex Coverage (extended Kydex to muzzle of weapon)- QTY. 2= $10.00
  • Custom Kydex Color (not listed as one of our standard colors)- QTY. 2= $10.00


For Rail Mount Universal Lasers/Lights or Weapon Specific Lights/Lasers not listed on the website, please visit


Please call us to discuss other options or if you have questions.

    Quantity 1-30 (Match Quote if Provided)

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    Looking for something special? Check out our custom options or give us a call to create a one-of-a-kind holster!


    Comfort, Concealment, and Qaulity

    "Thank you so much for the great holster. My Patriarch is so comfortable. Thank you so much for the craftsman upgrade. I'm telling everyone I know to get a holster from you guys. Thank you for the great customer service too!"

    Chris T.


    Patriarch IWB


    Hellcat Holster!

    "The quality of these holsters is amazing! Yes, you have to wait for this type of quality. Custom holsters are an art form and these guys take that seriously. You won't regret this purchase at all. By far, my favorite holster."

    Josh P.


    Omega A/IWB


    Hellcat with E-Series

    "Simply the best! The Omega AIWB is awesome. I love everything about this holster. The horsehide leather, the DCC clips, and the kydex is molded perfectly. Attention to detail is very evident. You get what you pay for and the quality is worth the wait. I'll be back!"

    Alex W.


    Omega A/IWB