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noun, ex·ar·chy  [ek-sähr-kee]


Exarchy™ Holster Co. was founded in 2017 for one reason, to make a handcrafted holster that functions flawlessly, feels great, and looks amazing. Our founder grew up in South-Central Texas, where hunting and shooting was a way of life. He purchased his first handgun for concealed carry at the age of 21. He's been carrying concealed for years, but until founding the company, never had a great concealed carry holster. The marriage of old fashion leather craft and new modern plastic materials have dawned a new age for firearm holsters. We didn't invent the hybrid holster; we just made it better. The company was founded primarily as an inside the waistband (IWB) concealed carry holster company. With a single focus and decades of experience in both shooting and concealed carry, the Patriarch™ Series Tuckable IWB holster was born. As we've continued to grow over the years, our focus has expanded, from only inside the waistband hybrid holsters, to now include outside the waistband hybrid holsters and premium handcrafted all leather holsters. Our custom shop produces some of the highest quality and nicest looking holsters on the market today. The rest are the things legends are made of.


Unfortunately, in most places today, the customer isn't always right. At Exarchy™ Holster Co. we do things a little differently. We take pride in our customer service because without you, we wouldn't be able to handcraft legendary holsters. And let's be honest, a world without a legendary Exarchy™ holster isn't a world any gun carrying American wants to live in. If we make a mistake with your order, or something else isn't right, please let us know as soon as possible so we can correct the issue and make it up to you. We will not let you be disappointed. We thank you for being our customer and allowing us to serve you.


Since founding the company, we've been asked repeatedly "what does Exarchy mean?" The exarchy (or exarch) was a governing person/body, much like that of a governor, in the Byzantine Empire. During that time, the Christian Orthodox Church adopted the term to apply to leaders within the church, above a metropolitan, but below a patriarch. These exarchs were responsible for overseeing bishops within a diocese to ensure God's Word was being delivered to the people. Much like the exarchs of the Byzantine Empire, Exarchy™ Holster Co. has a higher purpose, to serve the Lord and glorify God through our daily lives and interactions with customers.


Hand Selected Leather
Once we receive your order, one of our craftsmen hand selects the leather for your holster. Each piece of leather is unique and depending on the dye or finish you select, we may want different characteristics for your leather backer. We then hand cut the holster backer (Holster Hide™) shape, bevel the edges and hand dye or finish each piece, according to your order. It is important to note, that since each piece of leather is different, your holster's color, texture, or markings on the leather may differ from images on the website. We think these characteristics make your holster truly one-of-a-kind.


Precision Vacuum-Formed Kydex® Shell
The Kydex is heated and vacuum-formed to your specific firearm model, including any laser/light options. Our craftsman then hand fits the Kydex to the Holster Hide™. The proper cant of the firearm is achieved during the forming of the Kydex and its fitment to the Holster Hide™. Unlike others, we use screws to attach the Kydex shell with rubber spacers between the leather and shell allowing you to adjust the holster for the perfect retention.

Final Inspection

During final inspection one of our craftsmen inspects the holster's leather, finish, and Kydex shell before shipping to ensure you will receive a holster that has been designed to use and handcrafted to perfection.

Packing and Shipping

Finally, once your holster is worthy of being an Exarchy™ Holster Co. holster, we pack your holster, verify the shipping address and send it on its way. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did crafting it.



Thank you for your interest in working with us. This is a great place to grow, learn, share your expertise, and serve our customers. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any open positions, but are continuing to grow. Please check back frequently to see what openings we have posted.

Partners and Organizations We Support

As a small business, partnerships are one of the key ways we grow our business and brand. We choose business partnerships based on mutual support of the firearm industry, business practices, customer service, and quality of their products. We are proud to support, through our business relationships, partnerships, and charitable donations, the following companies, organizations, and individuals.

  • Brownells (Dealer)

  • NRA (Member)

  • NRA Business Alliance (Member)

  • National Shooting Sports Foundation

  • Project Child Safe and the Own It? Respect It. Secure It campaign (Partner)

  • ArmaLaser (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • Crimson Trace (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • LaserMax (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • LaserLyte (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • Nightstick (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • Olight (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • Streamlight (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • Viridian Weapon Technologies (Authorized Holster Partner)

  • UltiClip (Dealer)

  • Discreet Carry Concepts (Dealer)

All names, companies, and organizations listed above own all trademarks and copyrights associated with their respective brands, logos, and names.


  • Alzheimer's Association (Donate)

  • American Heart Association (Donate)

  • The American Cancer Society (Donate)

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation (Donate)

  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Get Help)

  • Bethany Lutheran Church of Denver (Donate)

We conduct fundraising for the organizations listed above throughout the year. Our lives have been affected in various ways by these health issues and the organizations above are working toward awareness, prevention, and cures for those affected by the diseases and mental heath problems. We typically have sales and/or specials to collect money and/or share profits from sales during "awareness months" and other significant times throughout the year. If you make a purchase during one of our fundraising efforts and wish to have the donation made in someone's name, please contact us and let us know. In addition, we are a Christian based business and give to our local church for many local and global missions for Christianity.


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