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Alpha Slide OWB

Outside the Waistband


The Exarchy™ Alpha Slide™ OWB holster is our answer to the hybrid OWB holster. The Alpha Slide™ OWB is custom fitted to your favorite open carry weapon, including any light or laser option. The 1.75 inch belt slots provide a lot of versatility in carry position, as you just slide this holster on your belt at any position. The holster features the default 10-15 degree weapon cant (non-adjustable) to help provide easy draw and re-holstering of the weapon. The Alpha Slide is mid/high-ride and hugs tight to the body and can be easily concealed with a cover garment, like a jacket. This holster is extremely comfortable and a great alternative for those that don't have a concealed carry permit, live in a state that doesn't allow concealed carry, or you just prefer open carry.

The Alpha Slide™ OWB features:

  • Full Length* Vacuum-Formed Kydex® Shell

  • Available for 100's of Firearms

  • Adjustable Retention for the Perfect Draw/Fit

  • Fixed 10-15 Degree Cant and Ride Height

  • Premium Leather Steer Hide or Horse Hide Backer

  • 1.75 inch Belt Slots

  • LIFETIME Warranty

  • Craftsman™ and Midnight™ Series Available  
    *Full length Kydex shells available for weapon configurations that fit on the leather backer without modification (includes many compact, subcompact, and micro firearms. Full size weapons will typically not have full length Kydex shells, leaving the muzzle/slide exposed).

Exarchy Black Leather Color Swatch
Exarchy Dark Brown Leather Color Swatch
Exarchy Antique Tan Leather Color Swatch
Exarchy Dark Brown Antique Leather Color Swatch
Exarchy Natural Horse (Beeswax Finish) Leather Color Swatch

Craftsman Series™ holsters showcase our handcrafted quality. No detail is overlooked. These holsters feature our handcrafted premium leather backer with hand-sanded, dyed, beveled and burnished edges. Our Craftsman Series™ Holster Hides™ are hand-dyed to order and custom options are available.* These holsters feature a hand-formed scabbard molded to your specific firearm and any light or laser option for the perfect retention. The Kydex® scabbards are vacuum-formed, cut, and then the edges are sanded, buffed, and polished. The Craftsman™ Series can be customized to your choice of leather (steer or horse), leather color and finish options, Kydex® colors, and hardware finish options, all at no additional costs.

Midnight Series™ holsters are perfect for the budget-minded gun owner. These holsters are cut from the same quality Holster Hides™ as our Craftsman Series™ but do not feature hand-sanded, or burnished edges. The edges are beveled for increased comfort and provides a nice smooth unfinished edge to the hide. To keep costs low, the Midnight Series™ holsters are only available in black cowhide or horsehide, with black Kydex® and black stainless steel hardware.

No matter what selections you choose, you are getting THE.BEST.HOLSTER.PERIOD.

*Custom options/colors are subject to additional fees. Please contact Customer Service for your exact needs.

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Kydex Icon


KYDEX® material is resistant to cleaning chemicals, strong and flexible. Adjustable Retention for the perfect draw.



The leather backer provides a soft comfortable barrier between you and the firearm.

IWB Icon

Outside the Waistband

This holster is designed for open carry or concealed carry with a cover garment.

Warranty Icon

Lifetime Warranty

Protection against manufacturer defects in materials & workmanship.



Holster Hide Icon

Holster Hide™

Premium leather. And that's no bull. Our leather is hand-selected, and finished to order with a soft suede back.

Grip Fasteners

Chicago-style screws secure the Kydex and clips to the hide. Easily removable so you can change your scabbard.

Do What You Cant

Standard FBI 15-20 Degree cant of the firearm increases comfort and allows a firm purchase on the firearm grip during draw and re-holstering.

Strong Arm Icon

Strong Arm Scabbard

Perfect retention every time. The replaceable Kydex scabbard secures and protects your firearm.


Leather choices, Kydex® colors and hardware options make your handcrafted holster one-of-a-kind.

Craftsman Icon

Master Craftsman

Our holsters are designed to use and handcrafted to perfection. We take pride in our work and you'll be proud to own an Exarchy holster.


Handcrafted Quality    |    Made in Colorado

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