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Current Product Lead Times


Since all orders are custom made to order, our products carry a lead time. These are estimates and not guarantees of shipping times. We work hard to fill orders as quickly as we can, and many times, we beat these shipping estimates, but occasionally, in any manufacturing operation, other factors come into play, like order volume, equipment malfunctions, material availability, etc. Our shipping estimates vary based on order volume and product type. Custom hybrid holsters vary based on design, but many times carry the same lead time as our standard production holsters. Our all handcrafted leather holsters have the longest posted lead times due to the fact that we work through a design process/approval with you before proceeding to manufacturing. Lead times exclude shipping holidays and weekends. For more detailed info on our holiday/shipping schedule, please click here.

See Estimated Lead Times, below. Updated 04/14/2022 (Shipping times are estimates, not guaranteed.)


Update: 04/14/2022 First of all, I want to thank  you for your business! We are doing everything possible to make holsters and ship as quickly as we can, but we will not sacrifice quality for speed. You are getting a one-of-a-kind handmade holster that you will be proud to own. We truly appreciate all of you and we wouldn't be able to do what we love without you. Thank you all for your patience. The past few months have been difficult, having Covid and the loss of my stepdad, due to Covid, and I am running behind on many holsters. I am still significantly behind on some orders, and those are being made first (I just have a ton of them). The lead time estimates are below and they are based on the number of orders I currently have and the average number of holsters I can make in a week. If you have an order that you would like a staus update on, please let me know. Click here. Please do not ask to expedite your order at this time.

Order Date
Expected Lead Time
Orders Placed 7/29/21 to 9/24/21
Est. 10-12 Weeks (Delayed)
Orders Placed 9/25/21 to 11/4/21
Est. 7-10 Weeks (Delayed)
Orders Placed 11/5/21 to 12/31/21
Est. 7-9 Weeks (Delayed)
Orders Placed 1/1-25/2022
Est. 10-12 Weeks
Orders placed on/after 3/5/22
Est. 10-12 Weeks
DIY Holster Kits
3-5 Days
Accessories, Clips, etc. (Not ordered with a holster)
1-2 Days
All Custom Work
Not available
ARK™ Slide/SoB OWB
Not available
Redeemer™ Slide OWB
Not available