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Rail Mount Light/Laser Add-On

This is an add-on holster option for universal rail mount lights or lasers. Add this item to cart if you have a universal rail mount light or laser. Choose from the options to specify which light or laser you have and want added to your custom holster. This does not include the actual light or laser. This add-on product is to have the light or laser model molded into the holster so your holster fits your weapon and the light or laser specified in the options you select. Only the available configurations appear in the drop down selections.


Armalaser® TR Series Trigger Guard models, Rail Mount Lasers include the GTO and Stingray.

Crimson Trace® Rail Mount or Trigger Guard Mount Wepon Specific Lights/Lasers.


Inforce® Rail Mount flashlights include the APL, APLc, and APLc Glock.

OLIGHT® Universal Rail Mount Lights including the PL-Mini, PL-Mini 2, PL-1 ii Valkyrie, PL-2 Valkyrie, PL-2RL Baldr (coming soon), and PL-PRO (coming soon).

Streamlight® TLR-6 Trigger Guard Mount (i.e. Glock 43x with TLR-6)


Viridian® branded lights or lasers with Instant-On feature. This add-on feature functions with Viridian's Instant-On technology that turns your light/laser to the preset setting (i.e. On/Off/Strobe/etc.) when you draw the weapon and returns it to the "Off" setting when re-holstered. This function is controlled via magnet embedded in the holster. Includes: R5 Reactor ECR Laser, Reactor RTL (light), C5L/CTL, X5L/XTL Gen. 2, X5L/XTL Gen. 3, X5L Gen. 3 Camera.


Weapon Specific Lights/Lasers: We list many holsters with weapon specific trigger mounted lighst or lasers. If you have one of those products added to your cart, you DO NOT need to add this add-on option. This add-on option if for Universal Rail Mount lights or laser, or in the case that we do not have your exact weapon/light/laser combination as a specific product. If you have questions about whether or not your should add this to your order, please contact us for clarification. We are always happy to help, and enjoy speaking with customers.


Alpha Slide OWB light/laser options: Large Rail Mounted lights/lasers require a custom holster backer. This is why the charge is higher for the OWB model. The leather backer will be custom cut to extend the full length behind the slide and mounted light/laser option. The Kydex® will also be extended to the full length of the weapon. If you have questions, please give us a call to discuss the specifics of your holster.

Note: Many lights and lasers require a unique hole pattern which varies from the universal hole patterns we use on our standard holsters. You can still purchase replacement scabbards, but you will need to send your holster to us to match the hole pattern and mount the Kydex. If your holster serial number (on the back) ends with “-C” your holster has a custom hole pattern.

    Light or Laser Model
    Holster Model

    Looking for something special? Check out our custom options or give us a call to create a one-of-a-kind holster!




    "First of all, great customer service goes a long ways. I've called a few times to talk about holster options and ask questions. They take their time and actually help. They know what they are talking about. My ARK Slide OWB holster for my Glock 19x is the best holster I've ever had. I'll be buying more! Thank you."

    ARK Slide OWB




    "I got the Omega holster for my S&W Shield M2.0 9mm with Viridian Reactor laser. I LOVE this holster. The horse leather backer was comfortable from the first day. The weapon draws smoothly and has great retention, although it is adjustable. I'm back on the website now to buy the outside the waistband clips for winter carry and was thinking about getting a mag carrier too. Thank you for the perfect holster! I've been telling my friends they HAVE to get a holster from you guys."

    Omega A/IWB/OWB Holster


    Chris, NC

    LOVE My Custom Holster

    "I cant say how much I love this new holster. I've been wearing it for a couple months now and it's so nice. The ride height is perfect and adjustable retention works perfect! The materials and craftsmanship are beyond spectacular! Thank you!"

    Custom OWB

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