Customer Service

How do I contact Exarchy™ Customer Service?

You can call us. 720-515-1845 Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:30PM Mountain Time Or send us a message 24/7, here.

How can I change or update my email preferences?

You can login to your Exarchy® "My Account" from any computer or mobile device and update/change your email preferences. You may also click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any Exarchy™ Holster Co. email to be removed from our email list. If you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive Exarchy™ Holster Co. product updates and/or coupons.

How can I check my Order Status online?

You can check your order status, including viewing all current and previous orders, invoices, and shipping/tracking information by logging into "My Account" and clicking the "My Orders" link. Tracking information is added to your Order Information page once the order has shipped. If you created your account after your purchase, your current order may not show up under your Orders page. The Order Information page does not display real-time status of your holster's production. The only information available is original order details and shipping/tracking information once your order has shipped. Please feel free to contact us for status of your current order.

Where can I find my tracking number(s)?

A shipping confirmation email is sent to the address on file, once shipped. This email contains the tracking number information and can be tracked via the 3rd-party shipping provider's website or phone app. Alternatively, you can view all tracking/shipping information by loggin into "My Account" and clicking the "My Orders" link. Note: If you create your account after your purchase, you must use the same email address to sign-up as you used for your purchase in order for all the correct information to be displayed in "My Account."

How long will it take to ship/receive my order?

All orders are custom made after the order is placed. If the products you ordered are listed as "In Stock" on the website, your order should be fulfilled within our posted lead times (here). We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 3-5 business days, typically, to deliver once shipped. We cannot guarantee shipping times, as these are provided by third party vendors. Based on order volume, our lead times change from time to time. You can also call to inquire about your specific order. If you chose "Expedite" on any item in your order, your order will ship within 48 hous and Ship via USPS 2-day Priority Mail. View Shipping Information for detials...

How can I manage my account/email/address information?

You can login to "My Account" from any computer or mobile device to view or edit your shipping address(es), email address(es) and email preferences. You can also view order status and shipping/tracking information by clicking the "My Orders" link. If you need further assistance, please contact Exarchy™ Customer Service, here.

Do you offer tours of you facility?

At this time, we do not currently offer tours of our facility. Our workshop can be a dangerous place and our insurance does not allow us to conduct tours at this time. Follow us on Instgram, Facebook, and Twitter as we often post photos and short videos that give you a glimpse into our workshop and the craftsman behind your holster. We are @exarchyholsters.

Do you have a showroom or retail store?

Currently, is the only place to purchase custom handcrafted Exarchy™ products. The website allows us to serve a broader customer base and offer the same service to all of our customers. We are continuing to grow and may offer a retail location in the future. Occasionally, we travel to gun/trade shows to showcase our products. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for up-to-date information on any scheduled events. We do offer local store pickup to those customer that are local. If this meets your needs, please give us a call to schedule a pickup once your order is complete.

Can I cancel my order?

If you decide an Exarchy™ Holster Co. holster isn't right for you, you may cancel your order by contacting customer support, here. Please include your name and order number on any correspondence. There will be a 10% restocking fee on standard orders if production has already begun on your holster. Production typically starts within 72 hours of order placement (regardless of lead times). 100% of the order total will be "refunded" if you choose store credit for a future purchase. Custom orders, including all leather products may be subject to additional cancellation fees. If your custom order had a non-refundable deposit associated, the deposit amount will be deducted from the order total. Please read full policy, here.

I received tracking information via email or "My Account" portal, but the tracking hasn't updated.

Our E-Commerce system sends shipping confirmation/tracking information when we print each shipping label. If this was done at the end of a production day, your holster will be picked up by the carrier the following day. We primarily ship using USPS and sometimes their tracking updates can be delayed 24-48 hours. If tracking information hasn't updated in 48 hours, please contact us and we will try to help locate your package.

I purchased a holster or mag carrier, but now it's on sale. Will you apply the current promotion to my order?

We typically run promotions around many of the holidays, and certain products may be discounted or have free shipping. In general, the answer is no, we cannot apply the current promotion to your order. This isn't because we are being difficult or greedy. It's simply a matter of our E-Commerce system not giving us the ability to edit orders after they are placed. If our E-Commerce system changes at some point, we may relax this policy for orders that have not been shipped.

When is my credit card or PayPal be charged during the purchase process?

Our E-Commerce system doesn't give us the ability to charge at different times during the purchase process based on the item(s) orders. Since most of our products are made to order (excludes clips, t-shirts, and other accessories), we charge your credit card at the time of purchase. We also accept offline payments of cash, check, and money order. If you have specific requirements for charging your credit card, please give a call to place your order.

Can I change my order after being placed?

We work hard to make and ship products as soon as possible. We understand that things change while you wait for your custom holster to ship. If your order hasn't started production, you may change or cancel your order, typically without any penalty or charge. After 72 hours from order placement, there may be a fee for order cancellations. If the change had a charge to begin with, such as adding a weapon light/laser, you will be charged the associated fee. Please give us a call to discuss order status, changes, and associated fees.

What does "In Stock" mean?

All of our holsters are custom made to order. "In stock" status means that we have the materials needed, molds, etc. in order to make the holster. "In stock" also allows you to place an order for the holster. Our website has to product statuses, "In Stock" which is orderable, and "Out of Stock" which is not orderable. Please refer to product lead times to see how long it will take for your order to be made and shipped. Please keep in mind the posted lead times are best estimates based on current iorder volume and production capacity.

How do I place an order?

We currently have a waitlist to be able to place an order. We have been so overwhlemed in recent months, that we've had to stop taking new orders to focus on our backlog of orders and serving those customers first. You can join our waitlist, here. We cannot provide an expected timeframe from when you join the waitlist to when a spot will open up for you to place an order.

I've joined the waitlist. When can I place an order?

Thank you for joining our waitlist. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exected timeframe for you to place an order. We are focussed on serving existing customers with orders. We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to serving you as soon as we are able.

I've joined the waitlist and received an email that I can order. How do I place an order?

Thank you for your patience while you waited for notification. You can shop our website as normal and add products to the Cart. You have 14 days to place an order, after you've received the email notification. Please refer to the email for further details. The Cart page requires a password that is in the notification email. The password expires 14 days after you receive the email. Your place in line is secured for 14 days before we give the opportunity to the next person in line. We are also happy to answer questions or process orders on the phone if you are having trouble placing your order online. Our shop is loud so we don't always here the phone. Please leave a message and we will likely return your call within an hour (during normal business hours).

I deleted the email with the password to place my order. Now what?

If you deleted the email or no longer have access to it, please feel free to call us, or use the Contact Us page to send us a message. We will get you your password to place an order.

Why do prices increase/decrease? Why do you charge for shipping?

Why do prices increase? Prices increase for a variety of reasons, just like groceries and other goods. Transportation costs affects shipping costs and overall cost of goods sold (i.e. raw materials). As these prices increases, we must occasionally pass on some of that to the consumer. We rarely look at prices of our competitors, because no one handcrafts holsters with the care and level of detail that we put into each product. With that said, we do want to provide exceptional value to our customers and try to “compete” as best we can with our competitors, while providing a superior product. June 2021 was the first price increase we have had since January 2019. We absorbed a large amount of added material and labor costs between 2019 and 2021.

Why do prices go down? We do occasionally lower prices when we discover additional savings in labor, raw materials, or increased efficiency in our manufacturing processes. Recently, we reduced the price of our Midnight series Omega holster to get the pricing inline with our other models and help to save you money.

Why do you charge for shipping? We typically charge shipping cost near our actual cost. Shipping isn’t free, someone has to pay for it, either you or me. We try to be extremely fair on shipping and shipping is not a profit center for us, like with many other companies. We get a VERY small discount for shipping and you would expect much deeper discounts, even with our relatively small volume, but someone has to pay for all the Amazon packages that they ship for pennies (just ask the Post Office). We shipped almost every order in 2020 for free. We still offer free shipping on orders over $149.00 and run specials for free shipping and other discounts, on occasion.

Holster Information

How do I maintain the leather on my Exarchy™ holster?

Although all of our leather hybrid holsters and all leather holsters are treated with leather conditioner before they leave the shop, it may be necessary to condition the leather over the life of the holster. The conditioner should contain gentle ingredients and needs to be applied only to the grain side (gun side of hybrid holsters) of the leather with a minimalist approach. The flesh side (back of IWB hybrid holsters) of the leather will be conditioned with the natural body oils from your skin and no further treatment is needed. Rough-out all leather holsters can be wiped with a damp cloth, but should not have any product applied to clean or condition the leather, as doing so will negatively effect the leather appearance and gripping characteristics. If you need to clean the leather of your holster, saddle soap is recommended, followed by leather conditioner after the holster has fully dried, for the grain-side only. We offer a leather care kit for this purpose.

What brand of lasers or lights will Exarchy™ holsters accommodate?

We have the ability to craft holsters for several different lights/lasers on the market today including ArmaLaser, Crimson Trace, LaserMax, LaserLyte, Olight, Streamlight and Viridian. Please check the HolsterFINDER on our website for your specific firearm and light/laser combo. If it is not listed please contact us to see if we can help. Most of the time, if we don't already have your light or laser option we can still create you a one-of-a-kind holster if you send us your light/laser to make sure it works in our holsters. If you choose this option, we will return the light/laser with the holster when complete and provide free shipping on all orders. Customer is resposible for shipping charges to Exarchy™ Holster Co.

What clip options are there and what do they do?

M-Clip: Most holsters come standard with this metal spring clip. It attaches over the top of the belt and is the most stable of the clip options. It works best with a sturdy leather belt.

UltiClips: These clips work great for people who do not wear belts or want ultra-concealment. These clips are spring loaded and clip directly on to any fabric, like the top of your pants, or use in a backpack or anywhere you want to clip your holster on to for a secure and tight fit. See UltiClip options under Accessories for more detailed information on UltiClips. UltiClips come as standard option on our Omega™ Series IWB holsters. Our other holster models offer UltiClips as an upgrade option.
Discrete Carry Concept (DCC) Belt Clips: These premium clips are similar to our M-Clips, but offered in 1.5" and 1.75" belt sizes. These clips are designed to attach over the top of the belt and offer the same "tuckable" features as our standard M-Clips. The DCC belt clips are narrower than our M-Clips and offered as a standard option on our Omega™ Series IWB holsters. Our other holster models are compatible with DCC belt clips and can be installed on your holster from the factory or as an upgrade option at any point. Speed Clips: These nylon reinforced polymer clips are used on our Omega™ series and other holsters for outside the waistband (OWB) carry. The speed clips come in 1.5" and 1.75" belt size options and are open bottom, designed to slip over the belt. These clips are secured using a lip at the bottom of the clip that prevents the clips from releasing from the belt through movement or drawing the weapon from the holster. These clips are nice when you need to put your holster on and take it off throughout the day and can be done without removing your belt. Wing Clips: These nylon reinforced polymer clips are used on our Omega™ series and other holsters for outside the waistband (OWB) carry. The speed clips come in 1.5" and 1.75" belt size options and are a closed loop, designed to slide on the belt. These clips require you to remove your belt to slide the holster on/off. They are nice when you don't need to put your holster on or take it off throughout the day and offer a little adding security for your holster by not having an open bottom.

(Not currently available) N-Clip: This is a Nylon Reinforced Plastic Clip. These clips come standard on our Metropolitan™ Series Holsters (Coming Soon) with no other clip options due to the design of the holster. These are very strong plastic clips and work best with a sturdy leather belt. (Not currently available) J-Clip: This optional clip attaches to the waistband of the pants, behind the belt and hooks underneath. This is a good option for thinner belts or woven nylon/canvas belts that can be too thin for the standard metal clip. (Not currently available) UnClip: This optional clip has no hook or ear, it attaches directly to the back of the belt using Velcro. These clips come with a length of loop Velcro to attach to your existing belt. We also reccomend a heavy duty carry belts from various suppliers with the Velcro® stitched in for you.

How can I adjust the retention of my Exarchy™ holster?

Hybrid Holster Adjustment: This was one of our beefs with hybrid holsters on the market today. Of course, you can adjust the retention yourself once you get the holster, but why doesn't it come with proper retention to start with? All of our holsters are specifically "tuned" to provide secure retention when the holster is not on your person. Who wants their firearm hitting the floor when you don't have on your holster? The amount of retention we put in each holster shouldn't make the gun hard to remove at all, but does require intentional force. This prevents the gun from being accidentally removed in situations like bending over, getting in and out of a vehicle, etc. That said, you can adjust the retention yourself at home, if needed. This can be to tighten or loosen the retention of the holster and may be neccessary as the holster breaks-in naturally over time. 1. If you have one of our newer models, adjusting the retention is just a matter of tightening or loosening the screws that secure the Kydex® to the leather backer. Models without lights or lasers attached often have a retention adjustment screw under the trigger guard, as well. We recommend adjusting this screw first. If you notice the screws backing out over time, a little purple Loctite or Vibra-tite VC-3 will prevent the screw from loosening but still allow for adjustments to be made. 2. If you have an older version (Gen. 1) of our hybrid holsters, please follow the steps below. What you need: - Your holster - Your unloaded firearm - A heat gun or hair dryer (hair dryer works best to make sure you dont over heat the Kydex) - 2-3 cool damp rags or paper towels - Leather gloves to protect those delicate hands i. Please make sure your firearm is unloaded prior to starting this process.
ii. Cover everything with a cool, damp rag (Leather and Kydex). Leave only the trigger guard indentation exposed. Some holsters have sharp ejection port indentations as well. If your holster has this and you want to address, please repeat the steps seperately for each area. iii. It is very important to slowly heat the trigger guard area or ejection port. You will see the kydex soften and "lift" under direct heat. If using a heat gun, start with the lowest setting and ONLY increase the heat if you dont see results within a couple of minutes. Remove the heat immediately once the Kydex softens. iv. Once the Kydex has "lifted" and is soft, use your gloved hand to press the trigger indent into the trigger guard making it deeper to increase the retention or shallower to loosen. v. Test the retention with you gun still unloaded and repeat as neccessary to get the desired retention.
Note: If the Kydex begins to look shiny, STOP, remove the heat immediately. Let it cool and try again. If the Kydex remains shiny, you can VERY lightly rub it with #0000 steel wool or a Scothbright pad to get the matte finish back. If you do this, wipe the inside and outside of the Kydex with a damp rag several times before placing your firearm in the holster. Make sure to remove all of the debris so you don't stratch your firearm.
If you are not confortable adjusting the retention yourself, you can send us your holster. We are happy to adjust the retention to your liking for free, this is part of your warranty. You will be resposible for shipping costs. All Leather Holsters: Many of our all leather holsters feature a retention adjustment screw. This is located below or forward of the trigger gaurd. You can loosen or tighten the screw to adjust the retention level. Tip: Put the holster on in the position you plan to carry your weapon (i.e. 4:00). Place your unloaded firearm in the holster. Start with the screw backed out with just a couple threads started, tighten the screw one (1) revolution and test the draw. Repeat this last step until the desired retention/draw is achieved. Feel free to call 720-515-1845 or Contact Us with any questions.

What leather options do you offer and what are the benefits?

Hand Dyed Premium Cowhide
We use only premium Hermann Oak tooling leather in 10/12 ounce weight. Each steerhide is tanned using Hermann Oak's traditional tanning process. Hermann Oak has been producing the highest quality US made hides since 1881. We purchase Grade A steer hides directly from Hermann Oak to ensure the highest quality and selection of hides. When you want to best products, you have to start with the best materials. Each Holster Hide is then hand-cut to match your firearm and holster model selected. The holster hide is then hand-dyed and the edges are sanded, beveled, and burnished to ensure maximum comfort. We finish the backside (flesh) of the hiolster by sanding it smooth to a suede-like finish, but it is left in it's natural state, free of dyes or finishes. The "raw" flesh side is what sits against your body. We believe it's best not to use drum-dyed leather or leather that has been dyed on the side that comes in contact with your skin. Many dyes contain harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin. When finished, the hide is sealed with a top coat and leather conditioner to ensure a beautiful finish that will last a lifetime.
Hand Dyed Premium Horsehide Our horsehide comes from Horween Leather, the only horsehide tannery in the United States. Horsehide is a very dense, tight grain leather that allows for a much thinner holster with the same stiffness and retention. Though horsehide is moisture resistant, it is not waterproof. This leather will hold up better to high moisture environments than cowhide because of its density. We recommend horsehide to people living in very hot humid climates or those who perspire heavily. The horsehide does take a bit longer to break-in than the cowhide option due to its tighter grain. Once the break-in period is over the horsehide will conform to the shape of your body and be very comfortable. In my opinion, horsehide is the most comfortable for IWB carry. Natural Premium Horsehide All of our horsehide comes from Horween Leather. Our "Natural" horsehide is not "raw," but is treated with tallow to restore some of the fats stripped during the tanning process and soften/darken the leather. The hand-rubbed propietary process brings out the natural beauty of the leather, similar to varnish on wood grain. It is then hand-rubbed with pure Beeswax to a nice polish. This leather is free of dyes and acrylic finishes and may be the best choice for those with sensitive skin. We cannot say this option is hypo-allegenic due to the tanning process, but we don't add anything to the leather that will harm you, unless you're allergic to bees.

What is the difference between Standard Cut and Combat Cut options?

Standard cut leather is the full-size leather backer of the holster which provides a barrier between your body and the firearm. Combat cut means that the leather has been trimmed away from the grip area, leaving only leather behind the frame of the gun and the slide. The benefit of a Combat cut is that it allows for easier grip access. Combat cut backers also remove the leather behind the magazine release, which allows for mag changes while holstered and prevents accidental mag release actions while carrying. However, with less leather between the body and the gun this can sacrifice comfort because the grip will be making direct contact with the torso. The benefit of the Standard cut is that it keeps more of the pistol from being allowed to touch the body, meaning it is usually more comfortable. If you are unsure which cut you prefer, we recommend choosing Standard cut. Photo shows the Patriarch G2 in Combat Cut (left) and Standard Cut (right). The Combat Cut removes about a half inch of leather to provide a more positive grip of the weapon when drawing. Combat cut backers are cut specific to the weapon, so the shape of the sweat shield will vary depending on your gun.

When/Where should I use my Exarchy™ Holster?

We often get asked, when/where do you carry? Here are some good examples of when to use your Exarchy™ Holster to protect yourself, your family, and the people around you: At the race track, the grocery store, home, outside, work, while camping, while doing dishes, while at dinner, at the movies, taking a walk, at the gym, mowing the lawn, bbq'ing, traveling, while looking at new guns, while 4-wheeling, chewing gum, not chewing gum, looking at Facebook, tweeting, at church, at your firends house, during holidays, like Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and while looking at our website buying your next holster. When/Where not to carry using your Exarchy™ Holster: in a federal building, at a water park, while floating down the river, in the hot tub, or in the shower (leave it on the sink counter). Hopefully, this gives you an idea of when to carry and when not to carry. Of course, always obey Federal, State, and Local laws. We don't endorse ever breaking the law, with our holsters or without.

What are the model/series options and what firearms do they fit?

We have four holster models/series. The Patriarch™ Series is our original concealed carry inside the waistband tuckable holster and is designed to comfortably carry most small/medium frame handguns (sizes similar to the popular Smith & Wesson Shield). This holster features replaceable Kydex® scabbards, so if you change your gun, just get a new scabbard to fit. We consider this our compact handgun holster. The Gun+One™ Series is our holster for a small selection of subcompact (pocket) carry firearms, such as the Ruger LCP/LCP II and similar sized handguns. This holster series features replaceable scabbards for the gun and a scabbard for an extra magazine and is only slightly larger than our Patriarch™ Series. The Revelation™ Series is our full size holster and is designed to accomodate large/medium/small frame firearms. For the most part, if it's a handgun, it will fit in this holster series. This holster will fit guns ranging from a 1911 down to the Ruger LCP, although, if carrying micro pistols only, we recommend a smaller holster series, like the GUN+ONE or Patriarch™. The Alpha Slide™ OWB Series fits most full size to sub compact frame handguns. This holster is designed to be worn on the hip outside of your garmets but is small enough to conceal with an untucked shirt or jacket. It features the traditional 15-20 degree cant for easy drawing and reholstering of the weapon. This holster has 1.75" belt slots cut into the leather and slides on your belt for easy adjustment. The Omega A/IWB/OWB™ Series is our purpose-built appendix carry holster, although the adjustable cant allows many versitle IWB carry positions and additional clips allow you to wear the holster outside the waistband OWB) as well. This holster fits most compact and subcompact handguns. This holster has a clip on each side allowing for ride height and cant adjustments. The default cant of this holster is 0 degrees to allow for the most ergonomic position for drawing and re-holstering your weapon from an appendix position. The Omega A/IWB/OWB Series holsters do not have replacable Kydex® scabbards. An optional magazine/flashlight carrier is available for our Omega™ Series holsters. The mag carrier is designed for IWB appendix carry only. Most of our hybrid holsters feature a replaceable Kydex scabbard that can be purchased seperately to accomodate any gun that fits the same series of holster. Scabbards are only interchangable within the same series of holster model. All Leather Holsters The Redeemer Slide™ is our premium all leather OWB holster that features a full length sweat shield, thumb break, and 1.5" to 2" belt slots. This holster can be customized with various leather types, linings, leather finishes, etc. This holster can be made to fit almost any weapon/laser/light combination. The ARK Slide™ is our open top premium leather OWB holster that features adjustable retention for a customized draw experience. This holster can be customized with various finishes and made to fit most weapon/light/laser combinations. This holster does not have a full sweat shield or thumb break, like our Redeemer™ Series holster. This holster can be made to fit almost any weapon/laser/light combination. The ARK Slide SoB™ is our open top premium leather OWB holster that features a 30 degree forward cant for a more reward carry position (small of back). This holster can be customized with various finishes and made to fit most weapon/light/laser combinations. Custom Holsters can be made to virtually any specification. Please contact customer service to discuss your needs. Check out our HolsterFINDER to see which series fits your handgun.

What is the difference between Midnight Series™ and Craftsman Series™ holsters?

The Midnight Series™ holsters are only offered in black leather (cow or horse), with black Kydex®, and black hardware. These holsters use the same quality materials as our Craftsman Series™ and are all handmade with the same care. The only difference in the finishing of the leather is that the Midnight Series™ holster's edges are not hand-sanded or burnished, but are still beveled for comfort. Combat Cut holsters and Omega Midnight series now (as of Nov. 1, 2020) feature finished edges, the same as our Craftsman Series holsters. Our Craftsman Series™ holsters have many color options for leather (cow or horse), Kydex®, and hardware. These holsters get some special attention from our craftsmen by hand-sanding and burnishing the edges of the leather for the nice finished look and feel. Many of the leather finishes take extra time to produce. If you order a Craftsman Series™ holster, expect the full lead time for your holster to ship.

Why doesn't my light or laser bearing weapon holster have great retention?

See information on adjusting your holster retention, above. Exarchy™ Holster Co. does not currently offer Level 2 retention (locks, straps, etc.) on our hybrid IWB holsters. We use the shape of the Kydex® and leather to achieve the best retention we can on every holster we produce. Due to many universal lights and/or lasers being wider than the frame of the weapon, having controls/switches on the side, or other factors, we have to "block" out the Kydex® to allow the light/laser to slide in/out of the holster. Much of the retention of hybrid holsters is achieved in the trigger guard area of the holster. Many lights/lasers don't allow us to get positive retention due to thier size or interference with On/Off switches. For most inside the waistband holsters, good retention is achieved when the user wears the holster properly and uses the pants/belt to provide more positive retention. Outside the waistband holsters do not have the same luxury. If you have questions about the retention of your configuration, please contact us before placing your order to review your best options. A special note for Viridian C and X (Gen 2) Series light/laser combos: The sharp angles of the housings must be blocked out to prevent the corners of the light/laser housing from dragging on the Kydex when the weapon is holstered or drawn. Some weapon configurations, especially those where the light/laser housing is wider than the pistol's frame/slide can have some movement while holstered and the overall retention can be negatively affected. This is a necessary evil for weapons equipped with the C5L and X5L Gen. 2. Without properly blocking for the light/laser and controls, holstering the weapon and drawing would be troublesome. We do not recommend weapon configurations of this type (where the pistol is narrower than the light/laser). While we do make this configuration, we want to be clear about the expectations of such a configuration. We always strive to create holsters with the best retention possible.

What type of Kydex® do you use?

We use high quality Kydex® T with P1 Haircell texture. Made in the U.S.A. We use both 0.06" and 0.08" thicknesses of Kydex®. All of our Alpha Slide™ Series holsters are made with 0.08". Most of our other models are also made with 0.08", unless the specific application requires the 0.06" thickness. If you have a preference, please let us know in the notes section when you place your order. We typically only stock 0.08" Kydex in all colors, except black, which we carry in both 0.08" and 0.06".

What Kydex® colors do you offer?

We typically carry 10-15 different colors, depending on what is popular at the time. We always have black and any of the colors listed on the holster product pages. We try to keep an up-to-date list of the Kydex® colors we use here. If you have a specific request, please let us know. We typically can get special request colors in about a week if it's in stock with one of our suppliers. Please contact customer service for special requests.

Will my Exarchy™ Holster cause finish wear on my gun?

Holster wear is inevitable. There are disagreements as to which material is worse or better (Kydex vs Leather vs Others). What helps to combat or prevent excessive holster wear is a properly fitting holster to the weapon. Our holsters are all formed to the exact weapon which prevents the weapon from moving around while in the holster. It is also important to wipe the dust and debris from holsters fairly often. Dust and debris will accelerate holster wear no matter the holster material. Defensive handguns are tools and while we think it's important to preserve the finish of guns, holster wear does occur with our holsters after extended use and no matter what other manufacturers say, their holsters will also cause wear on the finish. Lined, all-leather holsters may delay the wear, but will not prevent it entirely. If you cannot accept holster wear on the finish of your weapon, you should put that weapon in the safe and chose a different weapon to use as a defensive tool to protect yourself and those around you.

Do Exarchy holsters work with Viridian "Instant On"?

If you order a holster for a weapon equipped with a compatible Viridian light/laser model, your holster will activate "Instant On." This is currently only available with Viridian R5 Reactor, C-Series, and X-Series lights and lasers. Viridian E-Series lasers do have Instant On functionality, and therefor do not work with Instant On in our holsters, or anyone elses. There is an additional fee for Instant On. If the holster model you purchase specifically lists the trigger gaurd mounted light/laser, it will be formed for the light/laser and have Instant On with no additional fee. For all rail mounted lights and lasers and weapon specific lights/laser not listed with the holster model, you need to add the specific model light/laser, here. All compatible holsters will function with Instant On, unless otherwise noted, or upon special request by calling us prior to ordering.

How do I adjust the retention on my Exarchy™ OWB Mag Carrier?

Our OWB Mag Carriers and Magdalena Mag Carriers use the Mag Retention Device (MRD). The retention is user adjustable by loosening or tightening the set screw in the side of your mag carrier. You will need a1/8" hex key wrench. Take 1/4 turns in either direction and test retention between turns. Repeat until desired retention is achieved. Image shows side of OWB Mag Carrier MRD.

How do I adjust the retention on my Omega Mag Carrier?

Our Omega Mag Carriers™ have user adjustable retention. You can adjust the retention of your magazine by loosening or tightening any of the Kydex® attachment screws using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver. Bering able to adjust each of these attachment points individually gives the user fine adjustment of the draw of their magazine.

How does Viridian® Instant On work with my holster?

Viridian® Instant On works via a magetically controlled switch inside various models of Viridian® weapon mounted lights and lasers. These models include, X-Series, C-Series, and R5 Reactor Series Lights and Lasers.
To use Instant On:
1. Turn the light/laser to the setting you want to use when your pistol is drawn from the holster. (i.e. Constant On)
2. Insert your weapon with the light/laser on into the ERC/Instant On enabled holster. The holster will turn off the light/laser when inserted.
3. Draw the weapon from the holster and your light/laser will return to the mode you set prior to being holstered.
Note: To Disable (not use) Instant On: If your light/laser is set to the off setting, your light/laser will be in the off setting when your pistol is drawn from the holster.

How do UltiClip clips function?

Do you have magazine carriers/holsters?

Yes, we make outside the waistband (OWB) and inside the waistband (IWB) magazine carriers. Our mag carriers are made for the exact magazine that matches your firearm. We also offer a universal 9mm/40 S&W magazine carrier that can be used with most doublestack 9mm/40 S&W magazines. Models include GUN+ONE™ holster/mag carrier combo for micro size pistols, standard OWB Mag Carrier, Omega™ Mag Carrier, and the Magdalena IWB/OWB mag carrier. The GUN+ONE and Omega mag carriers can also be formed to fit many popular Olight handheld flashlights.

How do I mount my Omega™ Series holster OWB clips?

Omega™ series holsters can be converted from IWB to OWB and vice versa. To mount your OWB clips to your Omega™ holsters, follow the steps below. 1. If setup for IWB, we suggest removing the IWB clips first. You will need a #2 Phillips head screw driver to remove the screws holding on the IWB clips on the top (Kydex) side of the holster. 2. If you originally ordered an IWB model of the Omega™ holster, locate the spare hardware that shipped with your holster. You will need to use the .500" screws to replace the 1-1.25" screws on the slide side IWB clip mount points. Use the .500" screws and original finishing washers to secure the Kydex and spacers to the leather backer. 3. Your OWB clips shipped with mounting hardware. Looking at the back side of your holster, the OWB clips can be mounted to any of screw posts visible on the back side using the supplied .250" screws. 4. Using the top mounting locations on each side of the holster for your OWB clips will result in a 10-15 degree forward cant. 5. You can change the ride height and cant by mounting the clips to different (higher/lower) mounting points. 6. Secure the screws using hand pressure. If you notice the screws loosening over time, you can apply a small amount of blue or purple Loctite to the screw tips. Clear fingernail polish will also work. 7. Make sure to store your IWB clip hardware in a safe place so you can convert your holster back to IWB, as desired. Note: We recommend placing Vibra-tite VC-3 on the screws before installation.
Image shows back of Omega holster with 1.5" Wing Clips installed.

Do you make left-hand holsters?

Yes, most of our holsters are available in left-hand variations, with several exceptions. Some lights/lasers/controls are mounted on the right side of the weapon and may prevent the left-hand version from being a viable option for a great holster. We have removed the left-hand option from those holsters on the applicable models. If "left-hand" option is avialable on the website, then feel free to order the left-hand version if that's what you need.

I'm right handed, but carry on my back side. Should I order a left-hand holster?

While we cannot prevent you from ordering a left-hand model when you're right-handed, we would advise against it. Doing this will cause you to draw the weapon palm out and will result in the muzzle of the gun being pointed at your body during drawing and re-holstering. We have some customers that inist this is the most comfortable for them to use. This comes down to a personal decision and you assume all the risk when carrying a weapon. If you choose to do this, we advise that you practice this motion prior to purchase. Of course, we assume no legal responsibility in either case. Note: The opposite is also true for left-handed shooters that think they shoiuld get a right-hand holster.

Which holster is best for concealed carry?

We have many different models of holster, in hybrid, Kydex, and all leather for inside the waist (IWB) and outside the waist (OWB) carry. While one would logically assume IWB is more concealable, it may not work with your lifestyle. Our OWB holsters are constructed in a method that keeps them tight to the body and can be concealed using a cover garment of some type. Many times a t-shirt or light jacket is all you need. Our Patriarch™ and Omega™ series holsters are the most popular IWB hybrid holsters.

What's the difference between Horse hide and Cow/Steer hide?

Well, besides the obvious, that they come from different animals, there is some difference between the two leather types and reasons why you may choose one or the other. Horse hide is a denser/tighter grain leather with smaller pores than cow/steer hide thus making it more moisture resistant. Horse hide holds up well in higher humidity environments and for inside the waistband holsters that come in direct contact with your body. The flesh side of horse hide is much smoother than the flesh side of cow/steer hide because of the grain structure. Horse hide tends to show the "grain" and minor imperfections in the leather more than cow/steer hide, including variations in dye application. We dye horse hide many different colors that are intentional in showing off the grain/pattern within the leather as we think this adds some uniqueness to the holster. Our natural-beeswax horse hide finish offers a leather that has no dyes or chemicals applied (by us) in the finishing process. In our all-leather holsters, horse hide may show less definition/molding than the same holster made of cow/steer hide. We use top quality Hermann Oak Grade "A" steer hide. Grade "A" hides have few imperfections in the grain side. Imperfections can be scars, brands, stretch marks, or other markings that are visible in the hide. Steer hide tends to take dye very well and have a consistent look/finish with few variations. The flesh side of cow/steer hide of our holsters is sanded to a smooth suede-like texture. This results in a smooth finish, but has longer fibers than horse hide and has a slightly rougher appearance and texture. Many makers make claims as to cow or horse being better and provide some reasons. We don't think one is better than the other, but they do have different characteristics that may or may not be desirable for your holster. They both offer similar traits for holster construction and retention.

My all leather holster is tight. How can I break-in my new holster?

Tightness in a new holster is normal and is preferable to a loose fitting holster. If the draw is tight when new, we recommend you work with it to see if it will loosen up for you. Simply wearing the holster with the weapon in it will help the holster to break-in. We suggest about 25 to 50 presentations should be a good indicator of whether the holster will break in sufficiently on its own or if maybe a little blocking out of the leather is needed. There are many variables as to why a holster would be excessively tight ranging from the texture of your guns finish, to slight changes in climate or humidity from where the holster is made. Regardless of the reason, a too tight holster can easily be remedied by the end user.

To block out (stretch) your new holster first UNLOAD your pistol or revolver and place the gun into a 4 mil plastic bag (2-3 Ziploc freezer bags). Then carefully insert the bagged gun all the way into the holster. Do not wet or spray the holster with any solution to aid in the stretching process. The blocking out process as described above will not harm the crisp detailed molding of your new holster, nor will it ruin its retention qualities. It serves simply to stretch the leather a few thousands of an inch larger than the gun. The amount of stretching time needed for satisfactory results range from a just a few minutes to overnight. Any clarifications or concerns on the above, or if you would rather we talk you through the process, then please give us a call.

Do you make a small of back (SOB) holster?

While we have an all leather OWB holster called the ARK Slide SOB, it may or may not be considered a true small of back holster. The holster is made with a 30 degree forward cant, but is otherwise a standard OWB holster. We don't make any holsters that are palm out draw, or sit in odd positions on the belt. Our ARK Slide SOB is really designed for back of hip/kidney carry and the more aggressive cant provides a more ergonomic draw and re-holster position when worn at the 4:30-5:00 position. We do not recommend true small of back holsters that place the weapon directly behind the spine. We use all the products we make, and if we don't use it, we don't make it.

Do you make pocket holsters?

No. If we don't use it, we don't make it. You can probably find cheaper options for pocket carry holsters than we could provide, and since we don't use pocket carry holsters, we are not experts on their design or use.

What are one-way/directional snaps and how do they work?

One-way or directional snaps are used on most of our belt attachments as a means to keep pressure exerted from the inside edge of the belt from inadvertently undoing the snap.

If you look inside the female snap you will see a small tab of metal that appears to trap the coil spring inside. That tab is the locking mechanism of the one-way snap. When the snap is snapped shut, the tab in the female cap will not allow the male snap to lever itself through the coil spring at the point of the tab, thus releasing the snap. The one-way snap can only be disengaged by outside pressure on the side of the snap opposite from the side where the above mentioned tab is located.

To work the snap, the side of the snap with the tab located inside the female cap, must be engaged onto the male snap first by angling the female snap at that point to engage it. Then to complete the closure, you roll the female snap over the male snap till it clicks shut. Basically, the tab on the female snap will always be located on the side of the snap where the belt will come into contact with it. All our IWB holster loops are snapped towards the top of the holster, so you will generally roll the snap from the bottom up. On a holster like the Axiom where you pull the straps down to snap them, you will roll the one-way snap from the top down. Any confusion on this can be resolved by looking in the female cap to see where the tab is located. That side of the snap always gets engaged onto the male snap first.

If you don't engage and close the snaps properly, the snaps may appear to be closed, but will pop open unexpectedly. If that happens, you can be sure that you are not closing them properly. If this happens to you, you might want to read the above description again just to make sure you fully understand the function of the one-way snap. If all else fails, you can always call the shop for guidance.

Tips for breaking in new snaps is as follows. A light smear of a lubricating wax on the rim of the male snap will make the snap much easier to open and close. Renaissance wax works good as does Johnson Paste wax, or probably any car wax for that matter. A light smear of machine oil on the male snap will work to lubricate the snap as well.

Until the leather loops get broke in, you might find it easier to pre-snap the loops and physically string your belt through the closed loops as opposed to fighting with the snaps. Our holster loops are meant to fit snug on belts of our manufacture and until the leather of the loops loosens up a bit, you might find it hard to angle the female snap properly to engage the male snap. No worries, time will take care of that.

Of course any questions pertaining to any of the above can easily be rectified by a call to the shop.

What's the best CCW position?

This is an extremely personal question and varies per user, per gun, per day, and many other reasons. The truth is, the best CCW carry position is the one you find most comfortable and accomodates your lifestyle. If appendix carry is "the best" but you don't carry becuase it's uncomfortable then is it really "the best." A gun you carry is better than one you don't when it comes to a situation where you need a weapon to protect yourself, your family, and those around you. In this same spirit, the position that you choose to carry is better than the one where you won't. We always recommend, no matter where you choose to carry, you should always seek professional training and practice with your weapon and holster.

What is the difference between Cow hide and Steer hide?

Cow hide and steer hide both come from the same species of animal, but there are some notable differences. Technically a "Cow" is a bovine that has had a calf (offspring). Cows that have calves typically show more stretch marks in the hide and other imperfections. Steers are young male bovines that are castrated and less than 4 years in age. Most steers are raised for slaughter, most are unbranded, and do not grow up in pastures with barbed wire. This results in fewer scars and imperfections in the leather hides. The terms "Cow hide" and "Steer hide" are used synonymously in the holster business for describing the type/species of leather. We use both terms, but to be technically correct, all of our bovine hides are vegtable tanned Grade "A" steer hide from the Hermann Oak tannery.

How do I adjust the Ride Height or Cant of my holster?

Adjusting the ride height or cant of your holster is simple. You'll need either a Flat head or #2 Phillips head screw driver depending on the hardware used on your holster. The instructions below apply to GUN+ONE, Patriarch, Revelation, and most two clip custom holsters. For Omega specific instructions, please see "How do I adjust the Ride Height or Cant of my Omega A/IWB or OWB Holster?" To adjust the ride height, only: 1. Remove the screws for both clips. Make sure to not lose the finishing washer, rubber washer, or screw post on the back of the holster. 2. Decide which mounting hole you want to use and re-attach the clips (i.e. the second hole up from the bottom). 3. Both clips should be in the same hole on each side if you only want to change the ride height of the holster. 4. Test fit holster/draw with unloaded firearm. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 until desired ride height is achieved. To adjust the cant of the weapon/holster (for a right-hand holster-reverse the instructions for left-hand): 1. When looking at the holster (front side), remove the screw(s) holding the clip on the right side (slide side of the holster). Make sure to retain all hardware used to attach your clip (screw, finishing washer, rubber spacer/washer, and screw post on the back of the holster) 2. Re-attach the clip either higher or lower. Moving the clip higher will increase the forward/positive cant of the weapon. Moving the clip lower will decrease the forward cant of the weapon. 3. You can also change the cant by adjusting the position of the left (grip side) clip. Adjusting this clip to a higher position will decrease weapon cant and lowering this clip will increase weapon cant. 4. You can adjust either or both clips to fit your desired weapon cant. 5. Test fit holster/draw with unloaded firearm. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 until desired weapon/holster cant is achieved. Note: We recommend using Loctite 242/222 or Vibra-tite VC-3 when re-installing the clip hardware. Just place a small drop on the screw threads before installing. Let it dry/set overnight. If you do not use threadlocker, you will need to tighten the screws occasionally with use.

How do I adjust the weapon ride height and/or cant for my Omega series A/IWB or OWB holster?

Adjusting the ride height or cant of your Omega holster is simple. You'll need a #2 Phillips head screw driver to remove and reattach the hardware on your holster. The instructions below apply to Omega A/IWB and OWB holsters.

To adjust the ride height or cant for Omega A/IWB holsters:

1. You can start by loosening the screws holding the clips on both sides of the holster. Do not completely remove the screws or screw posts. The clips can be adjusted up to a half inch up/down using the slotted mounting holes on the clips. If the clip cannot be moved enough to achieve the desired ride height/cant, proceed to Step 2. Note: The mounting hardware for clips on either side of the holster are also part of the holster retention system. When tightening these screws, adjust the tightness for your weapon retention preference. Designs vary based on weapon/light/laser configuration. For many light/laser equipped holsters, the grip side mounting hardware is only attached to the Kydex. In this instance, the mounting hardware should be tightened hand tight as it does not affect weapon retention.

2. Remove the screws for both clips. Note the order of the mounting hardware for re-attachment later. Make sure to not lose the finishing washers, rubber washers/spacers, or screw posts on the inside/underside of the Kydex. You do not need to remove the screw posts or rubber spacers between the Kydex and leather on the slide side of the holster.

3. If your holster has rubber spacers and screw posts beneath the trigger guard that attach to the leather backer (many non-light/laser equipped weapons) you may need to remove and re-install the screw post(s) and spacers in order to move the clip. Typically, you only need to move one. To do so, remove the screw post(s) (as needed) from the back side of the holster, then align the rubber spacer with the hole you want to use and reinsert the screw post from the back side of the holster. Your mounting hardware and clips can now be re-attached from the front side. Tightening the screw(s) also adjusts weapon retention. Tighten or loosen the screws until the desired retention is achieved. You should have both clips installed when adjusting the retention for best results.

4. Decide which mounting hole(s) you want to use and re-attach the clips using the original mounting hardware (i.e. the second hole up from the bottom). Note: On the slide side of the holster, you may need to remove one or more of the Kydex shell mounting screws in order to free up a space to move the clip to a new hole. Simply remove the screw(s) for the hole(s) you want to use. You will need to reuse this hardware. If you removed Kydex mounting screws from the slide side of the holster, reinstall the screws and finishing washers in the holes that will not be used for mounting the clip. When tightening the screw(s) be sure to test the weapon retention and adjust as desired.

5. To keep a neutral cant, mount both clips so the top of the clips are even. The top of the clips represents where the top of the belt-line will be located.

6. To change the weapon cant, adjust one clip to be higher or lower. Moving the slide side clip up or the grip side clip down will increase the forward cant of the weapon. Moving the slide side clip down or the grip side clip up will decrease the positive cant of the weapon. You can achieve a negative cant by adjusting the clips in this manner. This may be desired for a cross-draw carry position.

7. Remember adjusting the position of the clips affects weapon cant, ride height, and retention. Because of the versatile nature of the design of the Omega series holster, you can achieve a comfortable fit and weapon draw in almost any position.

8. If you want the clips to pivot side to side, you only need to use one mounting screw for either, or both clips. When shipped from our workshop, we install both screws so the clips remain vertical, but this isn't absolutely necessary. If using only one screw to mount the clips, we strongly suggest using Loctite 222/242 or Vibra-tite VC-3 to prevent the screws from backing out under use.

9. Test fit holster/draw with unloaded firearm.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 until desired ride height/cant and retention is achieved.

To adjust the ride height or cant for Omega OWB holsters:

1. From the back side of the holster, remove the screws for one or both clips. Note the orientation of the clips and make sure to keep the right and left clips separate so they can be reinstalled properly.

2. Decide which mounting holes you want to use. The grip side of the holster typically has 3-4 mounting holes, while the slide side of the holster typically has 4-6 mounting holes depending on weapon size/configuration.

3. When shipped, we install the clips at the highest mounting position. This mounting position typically results in a 12-15 degree forward cant of the weapon. Moving both clips up/down the same number of holes will retain the same forward cant while raising/lowering the ride height of the holster.

4. Moving the slide side clip up or the grip side clip down will result in increased weapon cant. Moving the slide side clip down or the grip side clip up will decrease weapon cant. Each hole results in about 3-4 degree cant adjustment in either direction.

5. Once you've figured out the ride height and cant, align the clips with the new mounting holes and install the screws. Both screws need to be used on each clip. To re-install, open bottom (Speed Clips) are marked "L" and "R." This refers to Left and Right as you're looking at the back side of the holster. Wing clips are not marked, but should be installed with the bend of the clip toward the body (back side of the holster).

6. Tighten screws hand tight. Threadlocker should be used if you notice screws loosening with use. We do not recommend red Loctite because in the event you decide to move the clips it will be very difficult to do so as red Loctite is considered permanent.

7. Test fit holster/draw with unloaded firearm.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 until desired ride height/cant and retention is achieved.

My holster clips loosen with use. How can I secure the clips?

Our holsters ship with high-quality stainless steel hardware (screws and posts) to secure the holster clips and provide retention adjustment. We do not apply thread locker to the screws so that you can easily adjust the placement of the clips and adjust the weapon retention. We do recommend applying Loctite (purple or blue) or Vibra-tite VC-3 thread locker to the screws after you've decided where to position your clips. We also recommend applying VC-3 to the Kydex shell attachment screws as well, unless your screws have yellow nylon thread locker applied when your holster was built. We sell Vibra-tite VC-3 in 1mL tubes, which is a reusable and adjustable thread locker. You should always check the hardware before using your holster/mag carrier to ensure everything is in working condition. **Update: All holsters and mag carriers shipped on or after May 20, 2020 will include a free 1mL tube of Vibra-tite VC-3 thread locker. You should apply this thread locker as soon as you decide where to place your clips.

What thread locker should I use for my holster or mag carrier?

We highly recommend applying some type of thread locker to your screws once you determine where you like your clips mounted or your retention set. We recommend using an adjustable/reusable thread locker, like Loctite 222 Purple or Vibra-tite VC-3. We sell Vibra-tite VC-3 in 1mL tubes, here. We DO NOT recommend Red Loctite (i.e. Loctite 271) or any thread locker that is permanent and cannot be removed using standard handtools.

Can you make a holster for my gun with suppressor height (tall) sights?

In general, the answer is yes. We form our holsters with a generous sight channel to begin with, but if you have tall sights, just make a note on your order (in the Cart) before submitting. It's nice to know the measurement of the front sight blade in regards to its height above the slide, if you happen to know the measurement. There is no charge for this service.

Can you make a holster for my gun with a slide mounted optic?

Yes, you are getting a custom holster, made exactly the way you want! While many of our holsters don't require modification for a slide mounted optic, some do, so it's best to make the note on your order (in the Cart) before submitting for purchase. Please include the make and model of your slide mounted optic. It's also nice to know how it's mounted, for example, is the slide cut, or are you using an adapter plate attached to the rear sight groove? Is your optic mounted in front of or behind the rear sights? Do you also have tall sights for co-witnessing? Please include all of the necessary information in the notes. More info is better than not enough. If you like, you can also reply to your order confirmation email with a photo of your gun to show how the optic is mounted.

How do I convert my Omega OWB (Outside the Waistband) to IWB (Inside the Waistband)?

Converting your Omega holster to IWB or Inside the Waistband is simple. You'll need a #2 Phillips head screw driver to remove and reattach the hardware on your holster. You may also need a power drill with a 1/4" drill bit if the mounting holes are not drilled on your holster. The instructions below apply to Omega OWB holsters.

To mount your IWB clips to your Omega™ holsters, follow the steps below.

1. If setup for OWB, we suggest removing the OWB clips first. You will need a #2 Phillips head screw driver to remove the screws holding on the OWB clips on the back (leather) side of the holster. You can set the clips and screws aside. You will want to keep the clips and screws, but you will not be using any of them for the IWB conversion. 2. If you originally ordered an IWB model of the Omega™ holster, locate the spare hardware that shipped with your holster. If you originally ordered an OWB holster and purchased IWB clips and hardware kit afterwards, you will need to locate all of the hardware from that kit. 3. You will need to determine where you want your clips mounted on the front (Kydex) side of the holster. The clips mount in the locations shown below. You can use any of the mounting locations on the slide side of your holster. We typically mount using the bottom two holes. This will result in a neutral cant. If you want forward cant, move the slide side clips up 1-2 holes. 4. Once you determine the location of the right clip, remove the screws and finish washers from those locations. Mount the clip with hardware in this order. Spacer(s) (either .25" hard nylon spacers or soft .625" spacers), IWB Clip, finish washers, and 1" or 1.25" screws). 5. Tighten the screw so that the spacer between the leather and Kydex is equal to the spacers on either side. This will ensure retention is roughly the same as when you started. 6. Mounting the left side clip varies depending on your weapon configuration. For weapons without lights or lasers, see step 7. For weapons with lights or lasers, proceed to step 9. 7. For mounting the left side clip, first, determine the location of the clip and remove the screws and finish washers. We typically use the bottom two mounting holes, but this varies per weapon configuration. Follow the same procedure as the right side clip. Mount the clip using the spacers, clip, finish washers and 1" or 1.25" screws. 8. Tighten the screws until desired retention is achieved. See instructions for adjusting the retention if further information is needed. 9. For mounting the left (grip) side clip for weapons with lights or lasers follow these steps. If the mounting holes are not drilled in your OWB holster, locate the mounting position. This can be identified by a raised area, typically above the light/laser. This raised area provides room for the hardware under the Kydex without interfering with the weapon/light/laser. We typically put 3 holes spaced on .5" center (hole to hole). You can either choose a mounting location and drill 1-2 holes or all 3. Place the clip bottom on the Kydex shell and mark the bottom hole with a sharpie that you can see. Measure straight up from that mark .5" and mark the second hole. Repeat for the third hole, if desired. 10. Using your drill, with 1/4" drill bit, drill the holes marked in step 9. Try to line them up as straight as possible. Place a piece of wood between the leather and Kydex shell so you do not drill into the leather backer. 11. You will need 2 of each to mount the clip: .125" screw posts, .125" rubber washers, finish washers, and .375" screws 12. Mount the clip using the bottom hole first. Place the .125" screw post in the Kydex mounting hole from inside the holster. Then place one of the .125" rubber washers on top of the Kydex, then lay the clip on top of the washer, next the finish washer, and finally place the .375" screw in the post and tighten the screw loosely. Repeat the process for the second screw, if desired. 13. Tighten both screws firmly using a #2 Phillips head screw driver. You may need to apply pressure to the screw post from inside the holster as you tighten each screw. Note: You can change the ride height and cant by mounting the clips to different (higher/lower) mounting points. Make sure to store your OWB clip hardware in a safe place so you can convert your holster back to OWB, as desired. Note: We recommend placing Vibra-tite VC-3 on the screws before installation.

Can I use other clips on my Omega holster? (AIWB/IWB/OWB)

Yes, we typically use a standard .75" center-to-center hole spacing for IWB and OWB clips. Some configurations vary based on lasers, lights, or particular gun model. The design and construction of the holster does allow for a wide range of industry standard clips to be installed for both IWB and OWB carry. We have not tested any clips other than those we offer with the holster or those on our accessories page, so we cannot speak to individual clips from other sources.

What is a trigger guard mounted light/laser?

A trigger guard mounted light or laser is typically gun specific, or in some cases a brand or certain line (series) of guns, i.e. Springfield Armory XD series. The Viridian E-Series lasers are gun specific trigger guard mounted lasers and only fit one model or series of guns. They are not "universal" becuase they are mount to the trigger guard and not to the accessory rail of the gun. We typically list these lights and lasers with the guns in the Holster Finder. In this scenario, you do not need to add the light/laser to the holster configuration, with exception to the Omega Series and All Leather Holsters. If you have a trigger guard light or laser that we do not list, please contact us to see if we have it or can get it. In this scenario, you will likely need to add the light/laser to the holster configuration, here. Examples include: Streamlight TLR-6 (not TLR-1/HL or TLR-7/A) Viridian E-Series and R5 Reactor (not X5L or C5L) Armalaser TR Series

What is a "universal" rail mount light or laser?

A "universal" light or laser is typically one that mounts/attaches only to the accesory rail of a gun and does not attach to the trigger guard. These universal lights and lasers are not gun specific, although size sometimes limits the guns they can be mounted to. For example, the Streamlight TLR-1HL is a "universal" rail mounted light, but it will not mount properly on a Springfield Armory Hellcat 3" 9mm. We typically do not list "universal" rail mount lights or lasers with specific gun models in our Holster Finder because they can mount on so many different guns. Instead, you will need to add the light or laser to the holster configuration using the "Weapon Light/Laser Add-on", here. This add-on is required to have your holster molded to the weapon and light/laser you have mounted. Many universal rail mount lights and lasers feature different rail inserts or have various mounting options or positions. If you are adding a light or laser to your holster configuration, please send us a photo (via email) of your gun with the light or laser attached in the position you want your holster to be custom made to fit. We also require the rail insert type, if applicable. For instance, the TLR-1HL 1913 insert vs. the Universal-1 insert makes a difference when forming your holster. Examples inlcude: Viridian C5L/X5L Gen. 2 and 3 Streamlight TLR-7/A, TLR-1/HL

How do I maintain/clean my Exarchy™ hybrid Leather and Kydex holster?

The leather instructions are the same as our all leather holsters. Although all of our leather hybrid holsters and all leather holsters are treated with leather conditioner before they leave the shop, it may be necessary to condition the leather over the life of the holster. The conditioner should contain gentle ingredients and needs to be applied only to the grain side (gun side of hybrid holsters) of the leather with a minimalist approach. The flesh side (back of IWB hybrid holsters) of the leather will be conditioned with the natural body oils from your skin and no further treatment is needed. Rough-out all leather holsters can be wiped with a damp cloth, but should not have any product applied to clean or condition the leather, as doing so will negatively effect the leather appearance and gripping characteristics. If you need to clean the leather of your holster, saddle soap is recommended, followed by leather conditioner after the holster has fully dried, for the grain-side only. We offer a leather care kit for this purpose. To clean the Kydex, you can wipe it down inside and out with a damp cloth or paper towel. It is probably most important to keep the inside of the holster clean to help minimize "holster wear" on the finish of your gun. Dust, lent, debris inside your holster is the biggest factor in holster wear. You can disamble the holster and wash the Kydex with mild soap and water if you choose. If you disasemble the holster, please refer to instructions for adjusting the retention of your gun when you reassemble the holster.

How do I apply VC-3 Thread locker to my holster?

Please read the instructions provided on the back of the included VC-3 packet for complete instructions.

  1. Disassemble holster. We recommend applying VC-3 to all screws on the holster, including the clip screws and Kydex shell attachment screws. You will be able to adjust retention with the VC-3 applied, when done properly. Keep hardware organized so you can reassemble properly.
  2. Shake VC-3 packet well before opening.
  3. Apply thread locker (VC-3) to threads of screws. Apply at a length of 1 to 1 ½ times the screw diameter, filling about 50% of the thread depth.
  4. Allow to dry 10-30 minutes before assembly. We recommend 30 minutes.

Note: If you find it difficult to reassemble, you likely put too much VC-3 on the threads. You can remove the VC-3 with a razor blade or other sharp object. Repeat step 4, with less VC-3.

If your Kydex attachment screws have yellow nylon thread locker applied, you should not need to apply VC-3 to the Kydex attachment screws.

Do you make holsters for weapons with thrid-party/after-market rail adapters?

Unfortunately, at this time, our holsters do not support third-party or after-market rail systems that attach to factory non-railed firearms. Example, ReCover Tactical rail adapters for mounting lights/lasers. We do support 100's of light/laser combos for non-railed weapons using weapon specific trigger guard mounted lights and lasers, like the Viridian R5 Reactor (light and lasers), Crimson Trace trigger guard mounted solutions, and the Streamlight TLR-6 models, as examples. Please use our HolsterFinder to find your next holster.

Do you have a list of guns that you make holsters for?

Yes, please use our HolsterFinder to view make and model of firearms that we support, as well as the holster options available. We also have a table that can be searched, here.

Returns and Exchanges

How do I return a holster for warranty repair or replacement under the LIFTETIME warranty?

Review our Warranty Information page and Return information pages to see if your product qualifies, then contact us, here, or call 720-515-1845 to obtain a Return Mechandise Authorization (RMA) number. Then download and complete the RMA form to return with your package. Download Here

What is the warranty of my Exarchy™ holster?

Exarchy™ hybrid holsters are covered by LIFETIME Warranty.* Custom products, including all leather holsters are warranted for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. You can review our Warranty Information page for full details and exclusions or Contact Us with questions.

Can my custom holster be returned?

We do not accept returns or exchanges for custom orders, including all leather holsters, holsters made for weapons equipped with aftermarket or third-party lights and lasers. Items that have tooling, such as basket weave, are not able to be returned for credit or refund. Custom orders and all leather product order cancellations may be subject to fees. Please read the full policy, here. The only exception is if there is a defect in the products function, or materials, caused by manufacturer defect. We will determine if the item is defective. In this case, we reserve the right to correct the issue or offer a refund.

Can clearance products be returned or exchanged?

We occasionally have clearance items posted on the website. Generally, these "in-stock" items are holsters that were made as part of a standard order that were canceled and still completed, made as part of a standard production run, may have small cosmetic defects, were made as shop samples, or prototypes. Ocassionally, these include returned items that were unused by the purchaser and returned for whatever reason. These items are guaranteed to be 100% functional. Any defects will be noted and the actual product (and any defect) will be pictured. As such, we do not accept returns or exchanges on these items for any reason.

I failed to apply threadlocker and lost some of the hardware. Is this covered under warranty?

We include spare hardware with every holster/mag carrier for this reason. We do highly recommend applying threadlocker (either Loctite or Vibra-tite) once you determine where you like your clips mounted, etc. If you lost your spare hardware, we will happily send you additional spare hardware (2 screws, 2 posts, 2 spacers, and 2 finish washers) for $5.99 including shipping. Lost/misplaced hardware is not covered under the warranty. If you'd like to purchase Vibra-tite VC-3 threadlocker, we sell 1mL tubes, here.

The color looks different than what is pictured online. Can you make it look exactly like the picture?

While we do our very best to represent accurate colors of leather and Kydex, it is impossible to match an exact shade as represented on a digital device, such as a computer or mobile device. Individual settings for screen brightness, contrast, and color balance all affect how colors appear on these devices. We strive to keep our colors the same across our products, but leather is a natural product and will likely have some color variation. Some leather takes dye differently and marking within the leather can also appear differently than that in the photos. We think these color variations add to the uniqueness of each holster and add to its character. We use standard colors of Kydex and list those colors as they are marketed from the manufacturer. It is possible that the colors could have slight variations from time to time. This is beyond our control. Color differences from how they appear online is not a valid reason for exchange or refund.

How long do warranty repairs take to be returned back to me?

We don't have many returns for warranty repair, but it does occassionally happen. In that circumstance, we will evaluate the holster's condition when we receive it and then contact you regarding repair/replacement, and if there is any cost to you. Depending on the nature of the warranty repair, time to receive the product, evaluate the need, and perform the work, time ranges from 2-3 weeks, typically. You are responsible for shipping cost to send the holster/carrier back to us for repair or replacement. Please complete the RMA form with any returns.