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Revelation Series

Generation 2

The Revelation™ Gen. 2 Series Tuckable IWB Holster is the latest innovation of our full size pistol holster designed to fit most guns from a 1911 to a Ruger LCP. The expanded handcrafted premium leather backer provides a barrier between you and your firearm and helps relieve any pressure points, making this holster very comfortable and concealable. Like our other designs, the Revelation G2 has the FBI standard 15-20 degree adjustable cant to help provide easy draw and re-holstering of the weapon. This holster can be worn with or without your shirt tucked and features replaceable scabbards, so if you change your gun you don't have to buy a complete new holster.

The Revelation™ features:

  • Vacuum-formed Kydex® Shell for the Pistol

  • Accommodates almost any size pistol*

  • Adjustable Retention for the Perfect Draw

  • Adjustable Cant and Ride Height

  • Our largest Premium Leather Cowhide or Horsehide Backer

  • Combat or Standard Cut Backer

  • Durable steel clips that fit belts up to 1.75"

  • 14-Day Comfort Guarantee and LIFETIME Warranty

  • Craftsman™ and Midnight™ Series Available 

*If you intend to only carry compact, sub compact, or micro firearms, please consider our Patriarch™ G2 Tuckable IWB Holster. The Revelation G2 is really designed for those who carry a wide range of firearms (from large to small) and only want a single leather backer with multiple Kydex scabbards for different weapons.

The Craftsman Series™ holsters showcase our handcrafted quality. No detail is overlooked. These holsters feature our handcrafted premium leather backers with hand-sanded, beveled and burnished edges. Our Craftsman Series™ Holster Hides™ are hand-dyed to order and custom options are available. These holsters feature a hand-formed scabbard molded to your specific firearm and any light or laser option for the perfect retention. The scabbard is formed with a 15-20 degree default cant that is adjustable by moving the clips on either side of the holster. You can customize your Craftsman Series™ holster with several clip and screw finish options, including the standard polished nickel or black stainless steel clips (M-Clips™) and screws. The M-Clips™ are extremely durable and offer the ability to adjust cant AND ride height and fit belts up to 1.75 inches. Available in 10-12 oz. Cowhide or Premium Horsehide with several leather finishes and Kydex® color options and to make your holster truly one-of-a-kind.

The Midnight Series™ holsters are cut from the same quality Holster Hides™ as our Craftsman Series™ but do not feature hand-sanded, or burnished edges. The edges are beveled for increased comfort and provides a nice smooth unfinished edge to the hide. The Midnight Series™ holsters are only available in black cowhide or horsehide, with black Kydex® and black stainless steel clips (M-Clips™) and screws. We keep the costs low by limiting the color choices and finish options and these holsters are an amazing value for a high-quality handcrafted holster.

The Revelation™ G2 vs Gen.1: The G2 features an expanded sweat shield to help minimize discomfort from the newer grip textures on guns today. The G2 leather backer features different curves at the top that extend beyond the standard stainless steel M-Clips™ to minimize contact with your body. The overall size is slightly smaller than the Gen.1 while still providing a full barrier between you and your firearm. This holster is designed to accommodate a full 5 inch 1911 frame/barrel, for size comparison. The Revelation™ G2 Series™ is available in standard and combat cut. The combat cut removes about a half inch of leather behind the grip of the gun to provide a more positive grip.

No matter what selections you choose, you are getting THE.BEST.HOLSTER.PERIOD.


HolsterFinder Model

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KYDEX® material is resistant to cleaning chemicals, strong and flexible. Adjustable Retention.


The leather backer provides a soft comfortable barrier between you and the firearm.

Inside the Waistband

This holster is designed for deep concealment and can be worn with or without your shirt tucked-in.

Lifetime Warranty

14-day Comfort Guarantee and LIFETIME Warranty. If it isn't the most comfortable holster you've ever worn, return it.


Replaceable Hand-Formed KYDEX® Scabbards

Made with 0.08" KYDEX T  •

14 Color Options  •

15-20 Degree Default Cant  •

Holster Weight: 0.48 lbs



Adjustable Clips

•  Tuckable Design

•  5 Adjustment Holes

•  Fit Belts up to 1.75"

•  UltiClip 3 (Upgrade Option)

Premium Holster Hide™

•  Horsehide or Cowhide

•  4 Color Options

•  Beveled Edges for Comfort

•  Soft Suede Back Side

Right and Left Hand Models

•  650 + Gun/Light/Laser          Combinations


Generation 2



Handcrafted Quality    |    Made in Colorado

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