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Viridian® Weapon Technologies makes some of the best weapon mounted lights and lasers on the market today. Their Instant-On technology enables users to turn the light or laser to the functional setting they desire and when they draw the weapon, the light/laser automatically enters the preset mode (for example, the light/laser will turn on). Exarchy™ Holster Co. handcrafts holsters for most, if not all, Viridian® weapon mounted lights and lasers.

Exarchy™ Holster features:


Viridian® Instant-On compatible Exarchy™ holster models include the GUN+ONE™ Tuck IWB, Patriarch™ Tuck IWB, Revelation™ Tuck IWB, Alpha Slide™ OWB holster, OMEGA™ AIWB/IWB/OWB holster, Redeemer OWB Slide, ARK Slide OWB, ARK Slide SOB OWB, all leather holsters, and custom Hybrid Holsters. Use the HolsterFINDER below to find your Viridian® equipped weapon holster. If you do not find your model, please contact us, here. Chances are we have your weapon/light/laser combination and holster that fits. We add holster models all the time, but it is impossible to keep up. The HolsterFINDER below searches all Viridian R5 Reactor and RTL weapon specific trigger guard mounted lights and laser. For universal lights and lasers (ex. C and X Series), please add the non-light/laser equipped holster version to your cart and then add the Universal Light/Laser add-on, here.


HolsterFinder Model

Select Viridian® Equipped Firearm:



Kydex Icon


KYDEX® material is resistant to cleaning chemicals, strong and flexible. Adjustable Retention.

Holster works with Viridian® Instant-On Technology. Not available with E-Series lasers.

IWB Icon

In/Outside the Waistband

Choose between inside the waistband and outside the waistband models for your carry preference.

Warranty Icon

Lifetime Warranty*

Backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Please contact customer service if you experience any issues.



Holster Hide Icon

Holster Hide™

Premium leather. And that's no bull. Our leather is hand-selected, and finished to order.

Grip Fasteners™

Chicago-style screws secure the Kydex and clips to the hide. Easily removable so you can change your scabbard.

Do What You Cant

Standard FBI 15 Degree cant of the firearm increases comfort and allows a firm purchase on the firearm grip during draw and re-holstering.

Strong Arm Icon

Strong Arm Scabbard™

Perfect retention every time. The replaceable Kydex scabbard secures and protects your firearm.


Leather choices, screw and clips options make your handcrafted holster one-of-a-kind.

Craftsman Icon

Master Craftsman

Our holsters are designed to use and handcrafted to perfection. We take pride in our work and you'll be proud to own an Exarchy holster.


Handcrafted Quality    |    Made in Colorado

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