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Patriarch™ Gen. 2 Overview Video

Check out our video overview of our popular Patriarch™ Gen. 2 IWB holster. This video shows our Patriarch™ Gen. 2 Craftsman Series holster. The Patriarch™ is our original holster designed for inside the waistband concealed carry, and there is no wonder why it remains our best seller.

When founding the company, we thought of different slogans for marketing and advertising purposes and settled on "Designed to use. Handcrafted to perfection." These two statements continue to define what we do and how we do it. Design and functionality remain our primary focus and our dedication to perfection and sweating the details rounds out the second half of that slogan. The Patriarch™ holster was named in dedication to our founder's father and grandfathers that instilled the importance of quality and craftsmanship in what we do everyday. That wasn't always holsters, but a way of life that made its way into this quest to find the perfect holster.

This video goes over some of the main features of our Craftsman Series holsters and gives you a little peak at one of our Patriarch™ Gen. 2 holsters.

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