ARK Slide™ OWB | Craftsman Series™

Notice: The all leather holsters are not technically "out of stock" becuase they are all made to order. We've experienced a large volume of orders recently that has extended our lead times and the all leather handcrafted holsters are very time consuming to make. We set these as "out of stock" to let our production catch up without extending the lead times even further out and having you be upset with the time it takes to ship your order.

  • Product Description

    The ARK Slide™ Craftsman Series™ Holster is an open top outside the waistband pancake style belt slide holster that holds tightly to your body. The Craftsman Series™ version of holsters are the same holster design, but the Midnight Series™ but are avilable in a variety of leather finishes, thread colors, leather type, lining options, and other custom options. This pancake holster is low profile and slim for easy concealment under a cover garment. It holds very tightly to the body by design and is incredibly comfortable. It features a stiffening strap across the front of the holster to keep the mouth of the holster open for holstering. The ARK Slide™ features 1.5" or 1.75" belt slots that are punched so the holster rides at a 12-15° cant. It has just enough cant to make the draw and re-holstering feel natural.

    The ARK Slide™ can be worn at any position that feels comfortable to you. We suggest your strong side hip in the 3:30 to 4:00 o'clock position for a right-handed shooter.

    Our all leather holsters use premium Hermann Oak leather. Hermann Oak is widely regarded as the top tannery in the U.S. We start with a 10-11 ounce steer hide for our standard holsters. Hermann Oak has been a U.S. company since 1881.

    Leather Colors: The Craftsman Series™ is only available in a variety of leather types (steer and horse) and multiple color/finish options. All holsters are custom cut and dyed after your order is placed.

    Stiffeners: Stiffeners around the mouth of the holster help to keep the holster open for easy re-holstering.

    Stitching: The ARK Slide CraftsmanSeries™ leather holsters can be stitched in black, white, or custom colors (please call). Our holsters use a saddle stitch. Every hole is punched by hand, and every stitch is done by hand. This results in a very strong stitch bond between the different layers of leather. Each layer of leather is also glued with Barge cement prior to stitching. A single-stitched holster has one line of stitching around the weapon and light/laser (as applicable). The Craftsman Series™ holsters are available with a single stitch line or double stiching for added strength and durability.

    Holster Lining: The Craftsman Series™ holsters are lined. We typically use veg-tanned calf for holster linings. We find this lining to be superior to other linings, like suede. We often have a variety of lining materials on hand, so if you want something specific, just let us know. We can dye the holster and lining different colors as well. The lining is glued and reinforced with a saddle stitch the entire length of the holster.

    Leather Edges: The leather edges are sanded, dyed to match the holster, burnished and sealed to protect the edges and keep them looking nice for years. We can use Fiebing's Edge Coat® paint in black or brown. A contrasting edge finish looks nice, especially on roughout horsehide holsters.

    Adjustable Retention: This open top OWB features adjustable retention. A rubber spacer and stainless steel hardware allow the retention to be set by the user for a completely customized draw experience.

    Lights and Lasers: For Weapons equipped with Rail Mount Universal Lasers/Lights or Weapon Specific Trigger Guard Lights/Lasers, please visit and add your light/laser to the cart. Viridian Instant On is avaiable on our custom all leather holsters. Please add the applicable light/laser model to your cart prior to purchase. This does not include the actual light/laser.

    Please call us to discuss other options or if you have questions.

    Lead Time: (Please Read)
    All Leather Holsters have an extended lead time compared to our hybrid holster models. These holsters are in high demand and we do not rush production or sacrifice quality. Please click here for an updated lead time estimate. Design time changes the lead time. If it’s a complicated design, a unique gun/light/laser combo, expect the long side of the estimate for our handcrafted all leather holsters.


    Warranty on Custom Items

    Custom leather holsters are not returnable. Our custom all leather products carry a 3-Year Warranty from the date of purchase. That's right, 3 YEARS! We back all of our products with the best warranty in the business. If you ever have an issue with one of our products, just give us a call.

    See Full Warranty Details...

  • Holster/Firearm Compatibility Details

    Please check our list of firearms (searchable database).

    If the firearm appears in our database, please note the exact model on the notes before adding to cart. If there are any issues, we will contact you.


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Looking for something special? Check out our custom options or give us a call to create a one-of-a-kind holster!


Hellcat with E-Series

"Simply the best! The Omega AIWB is awesome. I love everything about this holster. The horsehide leather, the DCC clips, and the kydex is molded perfectly. Attention to detail is very evident. You get what you pay for and the quality is worth the wait. I'll be back!"

Alex W.


Omega A/IWB


The Omega is the best holster ever!

"I got the Omega AIWB and it's great. I'm running a Glock 19, no light or laser. You can easily adjust the ride depth and weapon cant. I carry at around 12:30, right in the front of my body. This holster sits perfectly, and conceals great. No one can tell I'm carrying at all. I just wear t-shirts untucked mostly. I've been wearing this holster for a couple months now and it's literally the best holster I've ever used. The craftsmanship is unbelievable as well. Thank you!"



Omega A/IWB



"First of all, great customer service goes a long ways. I've called a few times to talk about holster options and ask questions. They take their time and actually help. They know what they are talking about. My ARK Slide OWB holster for my Glock 19x is the best holster I've ever had. I'll be buying more! Thank you."





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