Belt Speed Clip OWB 1.5 Inch


  • Product Description

    1 1/2" Belt Speed Clip for Omega™ Concealed Carry System. Use these clips to convert your IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster to an OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster. These OWB clips are not compatible with Omega™ holsters with the optional magazine/light carrier attached. You will need to remove your magazine/light carry to install these clips.

    *This Clip Is Sold As A Set (Right & Left)

    2 Oblong Holes, .75" On Center

    Made in USA


    30-Day Warranty. Parts/Accessories may be returned or exchanged for a period of 30 days after purchase. Must be returned in unused/new condition.

  • Mounting Instructions

    Omega™ series holsters can be conterted from IWB to OWB and vice versa. To mount your OWB clips to your Omega™ holsters, follow the steps below.

    1. If setup for IWB, we suggest removing the IWB clips first. You will need a #2 Phillips head screw driver to remove the screws holding on the IWB clips on the top (Kydex) side of the holster.

    2. If you originally ordered an IWB model of the Omega™ holster, locate the spare hardware that shipped with your holster. You will need to use the .500" screws to replace the 1-1.25" screws on the slide side IWB clip mount points. Use the .500" screws and original finishing washers to secure the Kydex and spacers to the leather backer.

    3. Your OWB clips shipped with mounting hardware. Looking at the back side of your holster, the OWB clips can be mounted to any of screw posts visible on the back side using the supplied .250" screws.

    4. Using the top mounting locations on each side of the holster for your OWB clips will result in a 10-15 degree forward cant.

    5. You can change the ride height and cant by mounting the clips to different (higher/lower) mounting points.

    6. Secure the screws using hand pressure. If you notice the screws loosening over time, you can apply a small amount of blue or purple Loctite to the screw tips. Clear fingernail polish will also work.

    7. Make sure to store your IWB clip hardware in a safe place so you can convert your holster back to IWB, as desired.


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Hellcat with E-Series

"Simply the best! The Omega AIWB is awesome. I love everything about this holster. The horsehide leather, the DCC clips, and the kydex is molded perfectly. Attention to detail is very evident. You get what you pay for and the quality is worth the wait. I'll be back!"

Alex W.


Omega A/IWB


The Omega is the best holster ever!

"I got the Omega AIWB and it's great. I'm running a Glock 19, no light or laser. You can easily adjust the ride depth and weapon cant. I carry at around 12:30, right in the front of my body. This holster sits perfectly, and conceals great. No one can tell I'm carrying at all. I just wear t-shirts untucked mostly. I've been wearing this holster for a couple months now and it's literally the best holster I've ever used. The craftsmanship is unbelievable as well. Thank you!"



Omega A/IWB



"First of all, great customer service goes a long ways. I've called a few times to talk about holster options and ask questions. They take their time and actually help. They know what they are talking about. My ARK Slide OWB holster for my Glock 19x is the best holster I've ever had. I'll be buying more! Thank you."