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Social Media and Business

Social media has become a necessary "evil" for many business today. Exarchy Holster Co. is no exception. We are an online only based small business. We handcraft some of the best holsters on the market. There are A LOT of holster makers, big, small, and in between. We work hard to gain customers and keep them through treating them with respect and providing unbeatable quality goods. Our customer service is a primary focus. If you're a customer, you know that. If you're thinking about becoming one, you should know that. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow us the opportunity to broaden our market reach, gain new customers, introduce people to our products and support the gun industry as a whole. If you follow us on any of those platforms, you'll notice that we try to keep the mood light, provide photos of our work, contribute to the gun industry, and show support to companies that we like, do business with, and use their products. Of course, there are "trolls" on every platform, that have likely never used our products that say negative things. This is the only place you'll see us address those people. IF they were customers they wouldn't be using social media to bash us, they'd call us directly and we'd do everything in our power to address their needs and offer a full refund on any products purchased if they were unhappy. Some people feel that bashing others, companies, or ideas is the only way they can be heard. It's not. Be nice, respectful, support one another and the world will be better for it. In a world of twitter wars and attacks, we need more people to be quiet, listen, and say something when you have something nice to say. No, we aren't lashing out. We haven't been attacked on social media (we just started). It will come, and watch how a responsible business replies to those so-called "internet trolls." That said, follow us. We won't be controversial, but hopefully you'll learn something and appreciate who we are as a company. God Bless.

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